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Hello folks!

Some of you know that Todd and I adopted 2 chihuahuas this year. Some of you don't - and you should come and meet them! Anyway, the first chihuahua we adopted named himself Carhart by stealing Todd's brown (he matches!) carhart sweatshirt the first night he came home with us. Carhart has vet insurance at Banfield and we went to get him his shots and get him fixed in January. Before they could do the *snip snip* aspect of his appointment, they did some blood work to make sure he was healthy. Unfortunately, not *perfect* health. He had a high liver ALT level. So, we took him back home with some antibiotics, hypoallergenic food and liver supplements to see if we could get that level down. He went back in the beginning of February and levels are down, but still way too high. This weekend, we took the doggos to Spokane to meet the "Grandparents" and to celebrate Dad's 54th birthday and to go to Jennifer Sirra's baby shower. While there, Carhart had belly pain (the yiping tore my heart out!) and got sick. Another trip to the vet (thank you banfield for being EVERYWHERE!!) and liver levels are still not good - it looks like he has a shunt in his stomach/liver area that did not close properly when he was a puppy. This will require *duh duh da duh* ultrasound to diagnose and then surgery. The ultrasound will run about $400 and then the surgery about $2000 if I am hearing the rumors correctly. We should have some money coming in soon from the job Todd had for a few days, but not enough for surgery. I will post a paypal link later after I have more info (after the ultrasound) if there is anyone out there that can spare a few dollars to help out Mr. Carhart, the cleavage sleeper. (apparently my cleavage is the most comfy spot for a 5.5 lbs chihuahua to sleep - feet to the ceiling of course!



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