Apr. 18th, 2006 09:39 pm
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So, my day started out irritating but ended on a truly frustrating note. *note* unreasonable-ness and supreme hyperbole may follow.

Story begins: Julie gets home from a frustrating day at work. (has decided that getting a scooter is not what I should do, and should instead continue trying to save for a motorcycle and maybe next year, or the year after Big bummer) She eats dinner and decides to go for a walk after starting laundry. Beautiful evening. 6$ cash, Ipod and a happy attitude in her pocket. In search of lighter to burn incense and smudge new rune deck and hematite bracelet that S.O. bought me. So, happy Julie out for a walk to find lighter and experience beautiful day. Visits happy locally owned gas station down the street that has gas that is entirely too expensive to buy, but wants to help support local businesses. Finds pretty fishy lighter and goes to purchase. Is asked for ID. Does not have ID. Out walking. Am almost 25. Legal for everything, and then some. Not asking for cigarettes or anything else that might be harmful. Not buying beer. Not going to go and roast a bowl or become new neighborhood arsonist. Am happy pagan who wants to smudge new deck. Simple, easy. Includes exercise and sunshine and tunes. Local gas station insists that all tobacco related products (including lighters) must have ID proof. Ok, close to other stores, less happily local. Onward. Quick stop at REI, has cheap matches, but wanted a lighter, so onto RightAid. RightAid has lots of lighters, lighter fluid for cute Sex Kitten lighter already in possession, but again, asking for ID. Still no ID. Shit! No matches, no lighter, no lighter fluid. Nothing for normal, regular, government issued green. AM 24 And 3/4ths! Fine. Done. Back to REI. They will sell cute curvy girl fire starters. Odd man standing at REI door. Shit! It's 8pm! Doors Closed! REI closed for the night. NOOOOOOOO! Trudge home. Am done. Pissed at government for passing moronic law to "protect it's citizens" Not only taxing "sin" products, but anything associated. Irritating. Not going to do anything weird with lighter, lighting smudge!! Not doing weird sexual practices, getting stoned beyond belief (and thereby supporting agencies working against said government, at least in theory) Not smoking things that would be bad for my health! *grumble grumble grumble* Irritating government that feels "justified" in deciding that I need a piece of plastic with my picture on it to give me the "right" to purchase (with hard earned money) a FIRESTARTER. should become local lamp post arsonist to let government become aware of irritation. Oh well. Roommate was exceedingly kind and gave me match to light candle and smudge, and a sympathetic ear to vent to about irritatingly patriarchal overarching governmental system.
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